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Remedies For Cold Sores: Best Tricks To Remove Your Cold Sore

By Denny Bodoh

Do you desire several good remedies for cold sores? Then take this opportunity to read this excellent article while you are here. You will uncover the latest facts and plain, but genuinely powerful, Cold Sore Remedies that will honestly make you smile again.

Remedies for cold sores can be found in nearly every store. A number of them are useful for alleviating the distress, but most of these over-the-counter treatments are more for profit than to assist you in eliminating your sore.

The remedies for cold sores talked about immediately following are a seriously more favorable choice for you. You will get more significant healing for a lot less money. This revelation has been thoroughly proven by thousands of others. You will be a believer too.

Listed below are some cold sore remedies you must give a shot. Each of them is amazingly impressive singly, but they can be much stronger when employed together as components of an overall victory plan over invasive Cold Sores


Oregano oil is a potent anti-viral. You can make use of it as both an inside remedy for every viral attack and an external treatment for cold sore lesions. It is so potent that you can begin using this popular Cold Sore Treatment at the initial warning signal.

Usually you can get oregano oil at any vitamin source. It is available in gel-caps for internal use. Each gel-cap is good for a one-time direct utilization. Simply puncture a capsule and spread the oil directly on the sore area.

You can also get oregano oil in little bottles. If you find this oil to be too aggressive for your skin, mix it with extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is a very good medicine for viral sores as well, but it is much more soothing to your skin.


Our ancestors applied honey for their cold sores and other open injuries. You should get awesome reaction from it too. Honey does not ever spoil because no pathogen can exist in it. You will find it most useful once the sore finally commences to break open.

Most any honey will deliver you great performance. When I manage to find it, I would much rather use untreated honey. Unpasteurized honey appears to work better because it offers living health factors lost in refining.

Manuka honey is a substantially robust honey from New Zealand that works particularly well with cold sores. It comes to us from the flowerets of the Manuka plant, which is also known as the Tea Tree bush. You will quickly locate Manuka honey in stores and various online suppliers.


Warm tea bags are very popular among a large number of people for caring for cold sores. It not only tones down the unpleasantness but in addition helps to get rid of the sore much better.

Black and green teas operate very satisfactorily and they are inexpensive. Certain herbal teas will give even better outcome, according to users. Watch for herbs that incorporate ginger, mint or lemon balm. I highly recommend the herbal teas.

Do not employ hot tea bags prior to the sore blossoming. A growing sore would do best to be treated with ice to slow development and swelling. Try applying damp, frozen tea bags instead of ice chips. Frozen tea will allow you all the benefits of ice and should bathe the sore area in beneficial factors.

Heat the bags using boiling water from the stove or microwave. Do not expose the tea bags to microwave radiation. This does tend to neutralize the awesome remedial results of the tea.

Keep the bag as warm as you can tolerate without hurting your skin. Hold it to the wound about 9 to 12 minutes during each session. Periodically put on the external remedy of your choosing.

The mentioned Cold Sore Treatment plans are remarkably preferred by individuals who are in a hurry to get rid of these sores in as little time as possible. I wish I had further opportunity here to reveal to you a number of other awesome cures, but I guarantee these will perform a good job for you.

You are now in charge. The herpes virus will never again be a problem for you. With this list of excellent tricks for handling your sore events, you no longer have to lose money on over-priced creams and medicines.

Keep researching and undertake different remedies to reveal what works best for your particular situation. Combine them to make your own special treatment regimen. You can soon know that the most fruitful way to go is with natural remedies for cold sores.

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