Saturday, July 21, 2012

Natural Cold Sore Prevention for Recurring Outbreaks

By Jenny Smith

No one wishes for cold sores, so most people try to keep from ever contracting the herpes simplex virus-1. For people who do have reoccurring outbreaks, there are many remedies available. The following natural cold sore prevention techniques are some common remedies used by individuals who battle the effects of HSV-1.

Use Zinc:

Ointments with zinc have been shown to keep blisters from spreading, when applied as soon as the blisters first appear. This ointment will also speed up the healing process. Better yet, use oral zinc spray - a product sold for treating the common cold.

Replace Toothbrush:

You can't stop brushing your teeth just because you have a cold sore. Yet, your toothbrush will continue to carry the virus even after the cold sore is gone, at least for a few days. So, replacing your toothbrush following an outbreak is helpful. You can also sterilize it by running it in the dishwasher or submersing it for an hour in a container of peroxide.

Cold Sore's Should be Kept Clean and Dry:

Trying to cover up cold sores with an make-up can actually cause the blisters to spread more. Wash the infected area regularly, avoid face lotions, and allow the cold sores to completely dry. Some drying products that you can use are witch hazel, zinc oxide or a sea salt paste made with water.

Use Ice:

Usually, when a cold sore is coming, you can feel it. There's often a slight tingle in the affected area. As soon as you feel the tingle, apply an ice cold compress. If you do this, the cold sore development will stall - and may even stop completely.

Stay Away From Foods with Arginine:

Arginine is what the herpes virus needs to create your sore. You're best to avoid foods like peanuts, peas, foods containing gelatin, chocolate, grain cereals and beer. Taking additional Lysine is also helpful. The Big Secret about Lysine - it makes the Arginine in your body less available to this virus.

Other methods of natural cold sore prevention include avoiding sharing drinks or products that touch your mouth like chap-stick. This means don't share drinks, eating utensils, lipsticks or anything else that may increase your chances of getting the herpes simplex virus. Do not kiss when one of you has a sore.

Natural ways of treating cold sores are your best options. They are well proven over the past 2000 years and they are cheap or free. You will find that you will seldom have to go out and buy anything. Most of the best treatments are in your home right now. Here is suggested reading for many other FREE options for getting rid of cold sores in your life.

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