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Home Cures For Lip Cold Sores

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Cold sores on lip area can be agonizing and upsetting, but there are a number of home cures that can help you minimize the discomforts suffered and constrain the number of outbreaks that you have. Cold sores are a symptom of the herpes virus, and these sores are caused once the herpes simplex virus in the body builds up. The immune system can not fight of the large number of viruses effectively and these sores can appear.

If a cold sore is agonizing then ice-cubes can be extremely relieving. Put an ice cube on the sore and maintain it in position for a couple of minutes. The ice will numb and relieve the burning and stinging that develops when these sores erupt. This treatment can be repeated every hour or even more often if needed, and the comfort provided can be very welcome. A moistened tea bag can also help relieve the afflicted portion and get rid of any soreness or burning.

Some home remedies for cold sores on lips involve lifestyle and diet adjustments. Sunlight can cause a flare up and make cold sores show up. Always apply sunscreen before you go outside, even on overcast days if the sun may not seem bright. Minimizing stress may also be really beneficial if you get cold sores. Pressure lowers your immune system, and causes it to be harder for your body to beat off even a minor viral infection.

Exercise can be a great way to reduce stress, boost your immune system, and stop cold sores from showing up. Witch hazel may be used to the sores so that the infections run dry quicker and disappear sooner. This remedy may sting a bit at first but witch hazel will quickly dry out all wet cold sores and cause them to vanish in a shorter time.

Many health and beauty products may contain chemicals that will aggravate the sores and may make them more difficult to eliminate. A healthy and nutritious diet plan that doesn't have spicy foods or alcohol can also help your body fight off cold sores much more effectively, so you have lesser flare ups and an outbreak doesn't involve several sores.


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