Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vitamins for Cold Sores

Many people ask about the value of vitamins for cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes.

Cold sores - the actual cold sore outbreak - are brought on by a weakened immune system.

Stress of any sort, short term or long term, mental stress or physical stress, often will lower your immunity enough to allow the cold sores herpes virus to begin another cycle of replicating. Yes, another bout with cold sores. You need vitamins for cold sores(internal) and a good topical cold sore treatment (external).

A particularly good choice of vitamins for cold sores - a good cold sore treatment - assuming that you are already taking a complete vitamin/mineral supplement - is a stress vitamin formula.

Many good vitamin companies provide a stress formula in their line of products. These stress formulas will help greatly as a long term cold sore remedy.

Stress supplement formulas will vary quite a bit between manufacturers.

These stress supplements may contain a variety of nutrients such as calcium, valarian herb, magnesium, and so on. All of these ingredients may help to some degree. If you are taking a high level multiple, you will probably be getting enough of the minerals already. I don't think the average person should be taking valarian root herb unless it's necessary. Valarian root is a natural and mild sedative herb that acts similar to valium. Not necessary with cold sores, fever blisters, or oral herpes.

The common ingredients that you will find to be the base of most good stress supplements is Vitamin C with the associated bioflavinoids, and the complete B family of nutrients. These are the nutrients critical to protecting your immune system from the effects of stress.

The B and C vitamins are your main vitamins for cold sores.

The B and C vitamins are water soluble and are not stored in the body. These vitamins need to be replenished at least daily. Stress burns up these vitamins quickly. For example, smoking one cigarette burns up about 30 to 60 milligrams of vitamin C and some B vitamins. Stress of any sort sucks up vitamin C and the B's and drops your immunity.

The virus that causes cold sores, oral herpes, or fever blisters will act quickly when it notices a drop in your immunity.


Stop wasting your money on cold sore treatments and cold sore remedies that don't work.

Cure your cold sores - permanently - in just 2 to 3 days with what you already have in your cupboard!

I know it sounds too good to be true but it is honestly the last cold sore treatment you will ever need.

This is what you need to do next!


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