Monday, May 29, 2006


Cold Sores, Oral Herpes and Fever Blisters are 3 names for the same thing.

"Cold sores are cured when the symptoms are eliminated."

In the last post we saw that there is a difference between viruses and bacteria. Infections from bacteria can be handled by antibiotics. But antibiotics do not have any effect on viruses such as herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores. Or the bird flu virus.

To ask your doctor for antibiotics for flu or colds - or cold sores - is useless since these are virus created illnesses. Besides being useless for these problems, antibiotics taken for these can create new strains of bacteria that will be immune to that antibiotic and that will affect the human body in a whole new way. If you have an infection that is clearly a viral problem, like cold sores, flu, etc. - don't take antibiotics.

Currently, with today's medical science, the only way to fight an unwanted virus, like herpes simplex virus, is to encourage your body to develop its own immunity. This is the best of the cold sore remedies. Medical science today cannot eliminate viruses from your body. The cold sore virus will likely be with you for a lifetime. The poliovirus, for example, is still with us today and is carried by millions of people. We don't get the symptoms of polio because we have developed a strong immunity to it. The immunity to poliovirus was the result of the Sauk vaccine, which, basically, helped our body build anti-bodies to such a degree that the virus cannot go through its replication process, thus no symptoms.

Many, in fact most, of the medical practicioners maintain that none of the know cold sore remedies will cure oral herpes. Even my friends at Mayo make this flat statement on their web site.

I disagree.

They didn't wipe out the poliovirus. They just eliminated the symptoms. The virus is still with us but, with our immunity now, this virus can no longer get any traction. Because there are no symptoms of polio, in the general public, medical science claims to have cured polio.

Viruses will always be with us. The cure for any viral disease is to create an immunity and environment in our bodies where the virus - or in this case cold sore virus - cannot get a foothold to replicate and create symptoms (the actual cold sore on your lip).

A disease is cured if the symptoms are eliminated.

Two things happen. First, the virus becomes weaker and weaker when it can't create new virus. And the weaker it becomes in our body, the less likely of a cold sore outbreak. Secondly, if it can't replicate new virus, infecting others will become less and less of a possibility so the percentage of infected people will drop.

So, yes, cold sores can be cured by creating an immunity and unfriendly environment internally so that the cold sore virus cannot create its symptoms - which are the actual cold sores.

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