Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cold Sores Stage 3 - Inflammation

Cold Sores, Oral Herpes, Fever Blisters
In the 3rd cold sore stage the herpes simplex virus has arrived at the target area for your pending cold sore. The herpes virus begins its reproductive cycle. More accurately, its replication cycle. You see, unlike bacteria that can multiply on its own, the herpes simplex virus must have a host. It is more of a cloning process. There really isn't any "young" cold sore virus - they are created fully whole and operational.

The herpes simplex virus enters the cells at the end of the nerve fibers on the face. This causes a lot of swelling and redness as your nerve cells react to this invasion. The cold sore virus then forces the cell to create more of themselves - like a virus factory so to speak.

There are various cold sore remedies that can still stop the growth of cold sores at this point. The simplest, of course, is continued application of ice. The cold discourages the process, and will help with the discomfort and swelling.

There are many cold sore remedies. My favorite over the years has kept me from getting cold sores.

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