Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cold Sores - Stage 2

Cold Sores, Oral Herpes, Fever Blisters

Stage 2 of a cold sore is called the prodrome stage - also known as the cold sore itching, tingling stage.

Here the herpes simplex virus that creates your cold sores, or "oral herpes" begins its reproductive cycle. Normally the cold sore virus is latent but your body has been weakened by some stress and the cold sore virus was able to escape its hiding place in your nerve ganglia.

In this cold sore stage, the herpes simplex virus starts to travel along the nerve fiber to the surface of your lip, nose, or wherever its target area is for your cold sore.

This movement causes the area where you normally get cold sores to start to tingle and itch. You also may notice a burning sensation. I used to notice a dryness, where I felt compelled to use lip balm more frequently.

This cold sore stage could last a few hours to a few days - depending on your current health situation and how you treat this particular stage of your cold sores.

Also, please note that you are now considered contagious for the cold sore virus. There may not be an open cold sore, but the cold sore virus is now awake and active. It even may be in your saliva at this time. Don't take any chances of passing the cold sore virus to someone else - ESPECIALLY YOUNG CHILDREN.

At this point you can slow down or even stop the cold sore virus from creating an open cold sore if you act quickly. This cold sore stage can first come on you while you're at work or play. Apply ice or any cold object such as a can of soda. This discourages the cold sore virus as they don't like cold. In many cases I've seen, the cold sore virus determines that it can't reproduce right now and goes back into hibernation.

Ice in the early stages of a cold sore is one of the best cold sore treatments - and it's basically available anywhere you happen to be. Not only does it discourage the cold sore virus from going any further, it relieves the itching and burning sensation.

Thanks for coming today. I'll move on to the 3rd cold sore stage, and some cold sore remedies in my next post.

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