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Cold sores, also called fever blisters and oral herpes, are a most noted for the pain and embarrassment that cold sores cause.

Cold sores embarrassment goes beyond having unsightly cold sores on your lip. Cold sores shout to everyone you meet that you are a herpes carrier. Today, "herpes" is a very bad word. Even though your cold sores do not indicate genital herpes, it puts you in that category. Cold sores are a real dilemma.

Not cold sores, but genital herpes is what most fear. If you have a reputation for being a carrier of the herpes simplex virus, even though it may just be on your lip, you are judged as being a risky sex partner. This judgement is unfair but it's real. This judgement, in light of your cold sores, can have devastating effects on your social life. That's why you really need to find the best cold sore remedies.

Cold sores, in my experience, greatly reduce your self-esteem because of the social judgements people make. Low self-esteem, because of appearing in public with cold sores, will affect most areas of your life in some way. Cold sores can make your job more difficult and your friends more distant.

Cold sores cause many people to avoid going to work, appearing in public, or enjoying a robust social life. Cold sores are fairly harmless, and quite common. Over 100 million people in the US and UK will suffer cold sores in the next year. Further, about 27% of these folks will miss work because of cold sores.

Cold sores can give you flu-like symptoms. Swollen lymph glands are common with cold sores.

Cold sores also can cause fever and general malaise.

Many people have expressed that they would rather get a cold than have cold sores. Quite honestly, when I used to get several cold sores a year, I felt the same way. At least with a cold, although miserable, you didn't have people making a poor judgement of you as with cold sores.

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