Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cold Sores::Denavir

Cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes.

Cold sores are definitely big money for the drug companies.

Now in the cold sores business, Barrier Therapeutics recently announced that they were excited to acquire the Canadian distribution rights for Denavir - a peniclovir herpes simplex virus cream. This is just another cold sores "clovir" spin-off. For cold sores, the most commonly known of these has been acyclovir. There are several brand names of this basic cold sores anti-viral cream. They all seem to be at the 1% solution strength for cold sores. According to Barrier Therapeutics cold sores news release, Denavir is the only topical of the cold sore remedies antiviral prescription product approved in Canada for the treatment of cold sores.

For cold sores, this cream is also approved in the US under several different names.
But it doesn't work on cold sores.

You see, there is both an oral cold sores treatment and a topical cold sores treatment. In studies, scientists found that the oral cold sores treatment worked with about 47% success. That is, only 47% of the adults studied got any cold sores benefit at all. The topical cold sores cream for cold sores showed no difference between those who used this on their cold sores and those who used a fake stuff on their cold sores.

In fact, the scientists that were involved in the "clovir" cream for cold sores, flat out admitted it didn't work for cold sores or facial moles for that matter. They stated that the problem was that the active ingredient didn't get absorbed into the cold sores. These scientists felt that if they could find a way to do so, it would work. I believe it might. They could use DMSO but they won't - or they will use it and call it something else.

I've said this earlier. It really makes me mad when drug companies have the studies to show their cold sores treatment doesn't work but they keep selling it to the public. Greed triumphs.

And the general public thinks they wouldn't keep selling it if it didn't work.

They will and they do.

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