Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold Sores

Cold Sores - Fever Blisters - Oral Herpes

Cold sores events will cause your body to create more new anti-bodies. This, you would think, would mean that you would get fewer outbreaks of cold sores as time went on - because you should grow in immunity to the herpes simplex virus. In reality this isn't so. I recently read an article that flatly stated most people over fifty experiences very few cold sores compared to previous history. Many of my clients, and myself, have had MORE cold sores events then prior years. They are merely basing their statement on theory, not reality. The theory behind these statements is that the more anti-bodies, the more immunity. Fact is, you can have great immunity but mental or physical stress of any kind will greatly negate this immunity. Cold sore remedies.

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cold sores oral herpes fever blisters

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