Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cold Sores Treatment

Cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes.

Millions of people needlessly continue to suffer recurrent bouts of cold sores. Over-the-counter remedies have been the mainstay treatments for cold sores. These standard cold sore remedies generally provide only partial relief of the symptoms. They don't make the cold sore heal any faster or prevent cold sores from happening.

These cold sores salves may contain numbing agents and anti-bacterial ingredients that help sooth the discomfort and prevent bacterial infection of the cold sores. When the cold sores are open, they can be infected with bacteria quite easily which greatly lengthens the cold sores event.

One of the most common cold sore remedies for cold sores has been the application of ice. Ice helps in a number of ways with cold sores. It numbs the cold sores for blessed and immediate relief. It also discourage the herpes simplex virus from continuing its reproductive activity on your lip or nose. Kind of like taking a cold shower.

Often, if applied to cold sores (fever blisters) at the first sign - the tingling and itching stage - the cold sores will not occur at all.

One downside to using ice on cold sores - it drives the blood away from the area. Blood is needed to heal the cold sores. If the cold sores are fully blossomed, the ice will give comfort to the cold sores, but will slow the healing process.

One way you can use "ice" to get relief from your cold sores, and help heal the cold sores at the same time is with a frozen tea bag. Mint is a great killer of herpes simplex virus. Take mint tea bags, soak in water and freeze. Use these instead of ice once the cold sores break open. This will not only give you great relief, but the mint will kill herpes simplex virus and speed healing.

If you have not checked out the "ultimate cold sores treatment" you really should. It's awesome. It not only heals cold sore outbreaks faster than anything I've seen, but prevents future cold sores. It's natural, topical, non invasive, non systemic, no side effects - and simply the best of the cold sore remedies.

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