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COLD SORES (fever blisters, oral herpes) in Rome

In America alone, over 100 million people will suffer cold sores.

Cold sores are epidemic world wide - or cold sores pandemic. This has been true since about 500 years before the Roman Empire. Cold sores in Rome were so bad that one emperor, Tiberius, made a decree that there would be no kissing in public ceremonies to avoid further spread of the herpes simplex virus.

The men cheered - the women wept.

It really didn't matter though. Then as today, nearly everyone is already carrying the virus that creates cold sores.

Cold sores, in those days, were treated with herbs - as that was their source of medicine. There weren't any big drug companies then to sell them cold sores remedies that didn't work. Two cold sore remedies that were used were topical cold sore remedies. Aloe Vera and olive leaf extract.

Aloe Vera liquid applied to the cold sores saw rapid healing. This is a great remedy for cold sores today. If you choose to give aloe vera a try on your cold sores, or your family's cold sores, use the liquid from a fresh leaf. Break off about an inch of leaf and the syrup-liquid inside is applied directly to cold sores. Everyone should have an aloe vera plant in their home. Like a cactus, they take little or no attention. I've seen cuts heal in one day when aloe vera is applied. I repeat - use the fresh liquid only for best results on cold sores.
Olive leaf extract was also used for cold sores. This extract remedy for cold sores took a little time to make. The active ingredients were extracted using alcohol and usually done by a physician or chemist of those days. For cold sores and other sores, olive leaf extract is deadly to all forms of virus, bacteria, and fungus. Cold sores healed quite quickly when this extract was applied to the cold sores.

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