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Is there a cure for cold sores - or is it just internet hype?

On one hand, some very respectable web sites claim that cold sores cannot be cured. Yet, many others claim that, in fact, cold sores are cured everyday - and they have the cold sore remedies to sell you.

Who is right?

Fact is - they are both right.

How can this be?

Because they are talking about two different things.

When my good friends at Mayo state that there is no cold sore remedies that will cure oral herpes, they are talking about the root cause of cold sores - the herpes simplex virus that has invaded the body. They are correct. There honestly is no known way to remove this herpes simplex virus once you are infected.

Most of the time the cold sores virus is latent.

The herpes cold sores virus sleeps inside the nerve cells in the nerve ganglia behind the ear. This very resistant, sub-microscopic "parasite" will quite likely be with you for a lifetime. To destroy the cold sores virus, you would have to identify the particular cells they are hiding in and destroy the cell.

Even if there was a way to eliminate this herpes simplex virus, you would just get it again. The World Health Organization estimates that 89% of the world population currently carry this virus. This could be construed as "everybody" carries the herpes simplex virus. Since it is highly contagious, similar to the cold or flu viruses, you would just catch it again anyway.

You can, however, get rid of the symptoms of cold sores. In the medical field, a cure for any disease is defined as being symptom free. For example, take a diabetic. If she eats right, takes the right nutrients and herbs, she could eliminate all symptoms. This often happens. She would be declared "cured" or symptom free.

Her body would still be vulnerable to again getting the disease symptoms back. This just means that as long as she remains symptom free, she does not have diabetes. All diseases are based on the manifestation of the symptoms of that disease.

The same is true with cold sores. The symptoms are the actual cold sores. When you no longer get cold sores, by medical definition, you are cured. You no longer display the symptoms.

Millions of people, although carrying the virus that causes cold sores, are able to keep the herpes simplex virus latent, preventing outbreaks of cold sores. As long as they prevent cold sores, they are cured - by medical definition.

It's easy to be free of cold sores for the rest of your life, but only if you choose to do so.

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How beautiful would it be to never again have to suffer the pain and embarrassment of cold sores?

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