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Cold Sores at this stage no longer have a visible cold sore scab or crust. Your skin surface has totally healed. However the damage caused by your herpes simplex virus is still healing under the new skin.

The oral herpes virus does a lot of damage and the healing process will continue for some time yet, creating a red spot where the cold sore was. There is continued itching and irritation.

You are still contagious during this cold sore stage, until the redness and irritation is totally gone. There is still some cold sore virus lingering around and it may even be in you saliva. Kissing and oral sex is still not recommended. Socially you have a responsibility to diligent and not cause someone else to get a cold sore or genital herpes because of you.

The healing of your cold sore - actually the whole event from start to finish - depends on your current health and what cold sore remedies you use.

Many people take lysine on a regular basis to prevent and shorten cold sore events. This does work for cold sores as well as genital herpes. It's not a cure for cold sores by any means as you will still get cold sores on occasion. One thing I've noticed time and again is that the body becomes "immune" to lysine therapy requiring more and more to accomplish this resistance to cold sores.

For this reason, I would not over-do it on the lysine. When I used to get cold sores, I gave up trying to use it as a preventative and just used massive doses when I actually felt a cold sore coming on - and during the outbreak. It seemed to cause a shorter duration time for the cold sore event.

Since lysine is a protein fraction, it's not likely you can over dose. The pills or capsules, most commonly, come in 500 mg. size, and I would take 3-4 right away when I felt a cold sore coming on, then 2 more pills as a dosage 2 or 3 times a day. This is no miracle stuff but it does help.

If you are being monitored for cholesterol please note that lysine may cause it to rise as it encourages the liver to produce more cholesterol.

I believe that the actual benefit from lysine - why it seems to be anti cold sore and genital sore - is that it tends to raise the pH balance of the body. I think you'll find in the future someone will "discover" this and get credit for a "breakthrough" in the on-going study of cold sores and other diseases.

I'll talk more about the lysine/arginine connection later.

To your great health

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