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Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Oral Herpes

At this stage of cold sores, tiny, hard pimple-like red bumps appear in the cold sores target area, such as the lip or nose. These are called vesicles and are quite painful to the touch.

Cold sores do not start out as a single cold sore blister, but usually as a grouping of these cold sore vesicles. Cold sore vesicles caused by the replication process of the herpes simplex virus, each form a small cold sore blister, which then merge into one big cold sore. It is not uncommon to see double and triple cold sores side by side. Several times over the years, I have seen cold sores cover the whole upper lip. This cold sore event is real nasty for the cold sore victim as well as the viewer.

At this stage of your cold sore event, your lymph glands under the jaw could start to hurt, or at least harden up and become irritated. This is common, as you may or may not know. You have lymph glands all over your body - and any infection will effect the nearest lymph gland. The main purpose of the lymph gland is to try to neutralize and remove the offending bacteria or virus.

If for example, you get a cold sore on your finger, which does happen, your nearest lymph gland is in your armpit and it will be working hard to protect you from the cold sores herpes simplex virus.

Ice can still be used at this stage of your cold sores, and should help relieve the heat and pain of your cold sore. Ice will still slow down or prevent the progression of your cold sore event. This will be the last stage that ice might be useful for the healing process.

Of all the cold sore remedies out there, the one that I whole-heartedly continue to recommend, can be applied at virtually any cold sore stage with awesome healing from that point on. In case you are new to this site - it's what I like to call the "3-Cent Cold Sore Cure".

At any rate, ice works well at this cold sore stage for pain and swelling relief - and ice is free.
Cold Sores

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