Friday, March 11, 2011

Cold Sore Cure: Free Cold Sore Remedies That Work

By David Paul

A cold sore cure does not yet exist in a prescription or drug store tablet. If you are in dire need of one, scan this write-up. Quite likely you will learn about natural cold sore cure treatments that work more surely than any remedy medical science has yet given to us.

The majority of folks who get cold sores are aware that it is the herpes simplex virus that brings them to the surface. With all the breakthroughs in medicine, the medical fellowship still is totally confounded with this tough little virus.

Good folks who cope with these outbreaks are invariably looking for a cold sore cure that will eventually allow them independence from these surprise attacks.

You probably have seen Cold Sore Treatments products available that claim to provide fast healing and for good curing of these outbreaks. The FDA has even been sold on endorsing several of them.

Keep in mind that the FDA has a history of giving the okay to treatments that do not give good results. Sometimes they even cause harmful results to your body. For example, oral virus pharmaceuticals can bring about liver damage.

So, if you have paid a lot of money for FDA affirmed topical ointments and oral medications, you quite likely have already discovered that your hard-earned dollars would have been better spent.

The pharmacy and over-the-counter products, including the FDA ones, hardly ever will reduce your recovery time by any noticeable amount. Frequently applying an ice cube can perform better.

Drug company Cold Sore Remedies at best will aid with diminishing some of the most nagging symptoms, and possibly hindering further localized damage.

Many of the cheaper, openly available ointments you see in the marketplace in reality often can do a better job soothing the pain and discomfort. In spite of that help, you will suffer to a smaller extent and be significantly more elated the quicker you can eliminate the nuisance sore altogether.

You should not manage your sore like a blister or pimple. Do not pick at it or try to push out the fluid. You often will make it worse and create a situation where it will take much longer to heal. In addition, you risk transferring it to a fresh spot on your mouth or in your corneas.

Medical technicians have not yet discovered an honest cold sore cure, even though you may have heard a few crazy claims to the contrary. If they actually did discover the cure, it would be gigantic news worldwide, correct?

Medical drug cures show a little positive outlook, but, even with using them, your sores will nevertheless consume 10 to 27 days to regenerate. This is equal to the same renewal time as without the medication, as you most likely are aware of.

However, nature oriented doctors know that the majority of the healing must be accomplished by your individual body. They firmly believe that there are nature-provided products that are proven to specially enhance your body's capability to get rid of these agonizing sores.

Cold Sores are commonly caused by stressful situations. This tension increases creation of adrenalin and other hormones. Some have proven that the effects of these chemicals can activate latent viruses.

In more troublesome problems, doctors occasionally treat stress-caused sores with a light-duty relaxant. A few sufferers have seen some comfort this way. It may work in a panic event, but it can be habit forming and damaging to your body.

Because a primary symptom of these herpes events is inflamed tissue and swollen cells, an over-the-counter fever type product should give measurable relief.

Quite a few folks have seen good comfort with medications like a maximum strength aspirin based product. They not only help reverse inflammation, these treatments help control the stinging that is a byproduct of the sores. If aspirin bothers your stomach, use one of the many other offerings available.

A number of very good treatments are composed of nerve numbing ingredients that also help immensely. Additionally, you might use an oral gel available for painful teeth problems, frequently comprised of lidocaine.

It is considerably less difficult to prevent a sore than to cure one. If you experience repeated or acutely difficult outbreaks, it may be sharp to have a food diary. You could possibly discover certain foods that contribute to the surprise appearance of your sores.

With what we know today, you will find it quite easy to cure Cold Sores. The best treatments for this are organic products, not the balms and ointment compounds offered in the drugstores. Several that will give you persistently great results are oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, zinc sulfate, tea bags and numerous others.

Start using these proven and easy remedies from nature as soon as you can. You will see why so many folks are amazed and pleased with these cold sore cure secrets.

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