Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Effective Cure To Remove Cold Sores On Lips

By Utley Skinendorf

If you're one of the many who suffer from cold sores on lips then, you've probably have searched far and beyond for a solution that works for you. There is not cure for the virus that causes cold sores yet, there are some remedies that have been proven to help with the symptoms. There is primarily two directions you can go with finding a viable solution, one being the pharmaceutical approach and the other a natural approach.

Within the pharmaceutical approach, there are two prescribed drugs that are more common than the others. They are Zovirax and Abreva. You can currently obtain Abreva over the counter however, you will need to get a prescription for Zovirax. It is commonly believed that Zovirax is a little more effective than Abreva however, sufferers are generally not happy with either choice.

There are some well known natural products that you can find right there in your home. A traditional solution is to cut up slices of lemons and apply the juice directly to the sore. This doesn't do much in prevent the development of the cold sores however, it can help fade them quicker then if left alone. Another well known natural remedy is Lysine, which is also known to speed up the time the cold sore remains. But, keep in mind that neither of these have the properties to prevent the cold sores from developing.

The time walking around and parading cold sores on lips can be decreased if the sufferer learns to act quickly before the cold sores develop. First thing you need to do is to find a remedy that works for you. keeping in mind, that what works for some may not work very well for others, there doesn't seem to be consistency between sufferers. Fortunately, there are some warning signs before the cold sores surface. There is usually a painful or tingly feeling a few days before the outbreak occurs.

Chinese have always been known for their ancient remedies. Some of these remedies have been around for centuries and have been proven to be very effective for a variety of known incurable diseases and conditions. The most effective Chinese Cold Sore Remedies involve combining reishi and astragalus, which are herbs known to strengthen the immune system and inhibit the virus that is the cause of the cold sores.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that cold sores are very contagious and can spread even when the skin appears normal. The most effective period is when the cold sore is when it's in the development stage. A few days later, when cold sores begin to fade they are less contagious. A common misconception is the belief that when taking certain medications the cold sores are not contagious therefore, one should always be aware of the stage of the cold sore before taking any chances.

Cold sores on lips can play havoc on ones personal psychological nature. Cold Sores are open sores that puss liquid right from the lips. There's no other place on the body which is more revealing to public than the lips. This has caused a great deal of problems for the sufferers especially, for young people in the dating years. There is a very effective and natural solution that has been proven effective every time. I hope this helps.


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