Thursday, December 28, 2006


Oral herpes, COLD SORES AND FEVER BLISTERS can be stopped, as I mentioned previously, by keeping our body pH balanced around 7.3 (7.385 is ideal for humans).

Calcium, along with magnesium and vitamin D, can prevent, or greatly reduce the frequency of cold sores.

Calcium is the main tool your body uses to keep you pH balance where it should be.

What is the best source of calcium for optimizing our serum levels of this important nutrient - and as a cold sore treatment?

The most absorbable and active calcium occurs in plants - and dairy products. Unfortunately, the quantity of calcium in these products is much less today than 50 years ago - depending on where the products are from.

Why is this?

Let's take broccoli, for example.

Broccoli is rated as a good source of calcium, and potentially it is. If you could get a 1000 mg. of this type of calcium per day, you would probably never get cold sores and fever blisters - oral herpes or herpes breakouts of any kind.

However, the actual quantity of calcium depends on where the plant is grown.

Broccoli grown in Wisconsin will give you a high level of calcium. Wisconsin land is super rich in calcium carbonate (in the form of limestone).

The calcium content in Wisconsin soil makes for contented cows and calcium rich milk and cheese products. You really can taste the difference in the cheese!

But broccoli grown in Kentucky will not have nearly the same high levels of calcium because Kentucky land is rich in magnesium, and much lower in calcium.

Higher levels of magnesium in animals makes them energetic and "skittish". Perfect for race horses.

Bottom line - plants will only absorb minerals that are available in the soil where it grows. And commercial farming has dramatically depleted the soils. You really don't know what you're getting in the supermarket or where the produce is actually grown.

A friend of mine, a doctor at Mayo, told me something at coffee the other day that I would like to pass on to you.

He had just seen a study that concluded that we would have to eat 40 ounces of spinach today to get the same quantity of iron as one ounce of spinach grown in 1951.

My friend - depletion of the soil is very real - and one of the reasons we are not getting proper levels of nutrients in our diet.

I have been saying this for years - now more and more proof is coming out.

It's a shame because the vitamins and minerals in food are in the exact form our bodies need - the best nutrient quality by far.

If you want to prevent cold sores and fever blisters, or any chronic disease, you need to be taking a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement program plus an additional calcium supplement.

But, not just any calcium supplement will be useful as a cold sore remedy -

You can prevent cold sores from actually occurring...

And you do not have to waste another penny on cold sore remedies that don't work.


God Bless
Denny B

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