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Herpes gladiatorum claims two more victims at the North Dakota
state wrestling tournaments in Bismark.

Last month at least 45 outbreaks to date were identified from 16 schools
in Minnesota closing the wrestling season for the high school grapplers.

Last week during the North Dakota high school state wrestling finals, two
wrestlers were eliminated from the competition because of herpes gladiatorum rash and outbreaks.

Trainer, Damian Schlinger, stated that all wrestlers are screened for herpes gladiatorum rashes before the tournament.

He also said that more coaches are starting to screen for this on a regular basis to prevent further spreading.

These herpes gladiatorum outbreaks occur in clusters, exactly like facial cold sores.

Schools have become more cautious and are sterilizing the wrestling mats more aggressively and often.

Also, using more mats with fewer wrestlers per mat will greatly reduce the potential of exposure to the herpes gladiatorum virus.

Herpes gladiatorum produces a rash that could mimic other rash causes - but when cold sore looking blisters are also present, as in these two cases, it is considered a positive diagnosis.

As I mentioned in a previous post, quite likely it started with a cold sore on the lip of a wrestler, which then contaminated the mat, and was transferred to many other wrestlers who had scratches or mat burns.

The culprit is the herpes simplex virus type 1 or type 2 that causes cold sores, fever blisters, and oral herpes on the edge of the lips or nose.

It is estimated by the CDC that nearly 90% of the world population is infected with the cold sores virus. As with herpes gladiatorum, it is a lifetime infection.

The virus that creates herpes gladiatorum, cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes or "below-the-waist" herpes outbreaks normally is latent - hibernating in the nerve cells near where the original infection took place.

Of the 90% infected population, about 40% will never have another herpes outbreak - the other 60% will realize one or more cold sores or herpes gladiatorum outbreaks each year - usually in the colder winter months.

Any outbreaks caused by herpes simplex virus, no matter where it occurs on your body or what you call it - cold sores, fever blisters, herpes gladiatorum sores - are very painful.

The herpes virus destroys the cells on the end of the nerve fibers in their process of replication creating an "open nerve" situation.

Your best bet for herpes outbreak preventing would be a sticking with a good nutritional program and taking a good quality vitamin supplement every single day.

Also have on hand a good topical cold sore remedy - one that you would put directly on the area where the cold sore or herpes sore normally develops - particularly when you start feeling discomfort.

Better than spending money on a cold sore treatment just to have on hand in case you might need it - you'd be much further ahead to learn about home remedies for cold sores using what you already have in your home.

That way you'll never be without it whenever and wherever you are.

One such cold sore treatment - probably the best of the cold sore remedies according to many 1000s who use it - was discovered by Grace M..

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You won't believe what great news this is for eliminating cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes, and herpes gladiatorum sores.

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