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How Does Herpes Gladiatorum Spread?

How Does Herpes Gladiatorum Spread ?

Herpes gladiatorum is spread, normally, through direct contact with another person or object containing active herpes simplex virus on the surface.

Herpes gladiatorum is basically identical in cause and form to cold sores, fever blisters, or oral herpes. The only difference is location of the sores.

Cold sores, fever blisters, or oral herpes sores – whatever name you choose - defines a facial herpes outbreak. Herpes gladiatorum is a “body” cold sore – that is, it can appear anywhere else on the body where the herpes simplex virus was able to penetrate the skin barrier.

In the case of herpes gladiatorum spread, the most common source object of infection is a contaminated wrestling mat. In fact, wrestlers often refer to herpes gladiatorum as “mat herpes”.

Because of the moist, sweaty surface of the mats, the herpes simplex virus can live for many hours, waiting for a new host.

Cuts, scrapes and mat burns are an everyday occurrence for grapplers. Combine this with a mat contaminated with living herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2 and you have another case of herpes gladiatorum spread.

The rash is common with an initial herpes infection – whether on the face or general body areas. Sometimes the rash is barely noticeable – and sores are not always present during this initial infection phase. Each person is different, of course, but in many cases, the initial infection phase goes totally unnoticed.

About 45% of these folks will never get a reoccurrence – thus they will never know that they even have herpes virus living in their bodies unless tested for herpes antibodies.

Of the 55% of those that do get a reoccurrence, herpes gladiatorum will manifest as painful blisters in the area of contamination. These sores will be identical in looks and painful discomfort to cold sores or fever blisters.

Herpes simplex virus lives, hibernates, and replicates in your nerve cells. Upon initial infection, the herpes viruses will travel to the nearest nerve fibers and take up permanent residence there.

Any good cold sore treatment will reduce, if not totally eliminate, cold sores and herpes gladiatorum sores.

The cold sore treatment mentioned in my last post or at the top of this blog is the best you will find. Way cheap and works great. Most people don’t have to buy a darn thing!

Do what you want - but you should at least read about it.

By the way, currently there is no evidence of internal herpes gladiatorum spread.

God Bless

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